"Where do I begin to express what an overwhelming sensation your program was to our quality conference attendees!"

-Ellen Mehl, AT&T

"His presentation set the stage for our finest management retreat in history."

-Jean Haskell, Emanuel Medical Center

"I could not be more pleased with your presentation and how you handled our group of 120 executives..."

-Tim Welker, President, Goodwill Industries

"Your energy and sense of humor makes these classes come alive."

-Laurel Aust, Hewlett Packard

"For the third year, the feedback forms say 'Bring Rick back!' Your versatility continues to impress me and, as usual, your humor, warmth and sensitivity to the group wins hearts and respect."

-Marla Rosner, SUPERCUTS

"The presentation by Dr. Rick was exceptional and exhilarating, to say the least."

-Marilyn Douglas, RN, St. Joseph Healthcare System

"Your message was timely, valuable, and delivered with wisdom and humor. There was an immediate effect on employee morale."

-Joy Johnson, Pacific Power

"Rick, you have an extraordinary way of reaching a crowd of people. A sincere compliment is that each participant now reflects on your messages as if they had a personal conversation with you."

-Karen McHenry, Chester County Hospital

"In the conference evaluation forms, your name was mentioned time and again as the 'highlight' of this year's conference. The enthusiasm, humour and your overall approach to this important topic truly made the all too short two hour presentation very memorable."

-Andrew Parr and Judy Vaz, CCUFSA Conference Committee

"His presentation was witty, full of energy, humorous and upbeat. His information was timely and presented in a rapid fire way that made you want to listen and not miss a single word. His keynote address was so successful and well received that the following breakout session was standing room only and could barely contain the overflow crowd."

-Jill McClelland, Oregon Recreation and Park Association

"Your performance not only lived up to our traditionof great speakers, you exceeded our highest expectations.Your presentation not only described the profound changesthat are impacting the business world,you also gave us a roadmap of what to do about it."

-Jack Criswell, Executive Director, Sales And Marketing Executives Int'l

"What an excellent, exhilarating presentation you gave!"

-Al Charette, Snap On Tools

"Thank you for your thoughtful, stimulating and extremely well received presentation!"

-Goeff Gallas, Pennsylvania Association for Court Management Conference

"It was a great morning filled with WOWs! We have already changed our mission statement..."

-Tony Carr, Chief Executive, Fresno Surgery and Recovery Care Center

"The ratings for this program are the highest we've received for any program since the network began broadcasting..."

-Kathy Kier, Sr. Producer, VHA Satellite Network

"Several of us had been previously blessed by viewing your 'Difficult People' video, and you proved to be as good in a live session as you were in the video!"

-Bob Richardson, Custom Business Systems Inc.

"I would like to thank you for developing another first class program for our National Sales Kick-Off event. It clearly makes sense as to why you were chosen to deliver the message of excellence to America."

-Allan B. Russell, VP Sales, 800 Software

"I had a great many compliments from different managers for having been so astute as to ask you to speak to our conference."

-Tom Knox, National Electrical Contractors Association

"We feel extremely fortunate to have found someone of your caliber to speak at our rally."

-Jim Richardson, PepsiWest Absolute Quality Rally

"It was a treat to hear you speak and the audience was completely delighted. I have found myself personally referring to your content in my own life."

-Mary Bessonette and Carol Gies, Association of College Unions

"We greatly appreciated being thoroughly entertained while we were being educated!"

-Elizabeth Jacobson, Ph.D., Director, Office of Science and Technology, FDA

"You set the tone for our three-day sales meeting with a well-aimed, energetic and valuable message...Even the toughest-to-please of our group were entertained and enlightened with your presentation."

-Randy Delenikos, Claude Laval Corporation

"All whom I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed, learned, and were kept interested throughout the full day session - not as easy task. I would heartily recommend your program to any group concerned with delivering exceptional service - as you did!"

-Christopher Dalla, Program Chair, NACUFS

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